In Memoriam: Dr. Stephen R. Kellert, Board Director

Stephen R. Kellert, Ph.D, a Tweedy Ordway Professor Emeritus of Social Ecology at the Yale University School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and a founding partner of and consultant for Environmental Capital Partners and Bio-Logical Capital, died on Nov. 27 after a long illness.

Steve’s work spanned more than 35 years and focused on understanding the connection between human and natural systems. He served on committees of the National Academy of Sciences and has won distinguished achievement awards from the Society of Conservation Biology, the National Wildlife Federation and the North American Association for Environmental Education.

He is listed among prominent environmental leaders and has published nine books and more than 150 articles. Steve has a doctorate from Yale University and a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University.

“Steve was one of our key inspirations for founding our company,” says Bio-Logical Capital Founder and fellow Board member Grant McCargo, “his research in biophilic design laid the groundwork for our work for the past decade. Not only was he an inspiration to work with, I also considered him a good friend and mentor.”

Steve served as the Director of the Board of Bio-Logical Capital and worked closely with the executive team to implement the company’s vision of creating the right design, uses, and conservation strategies to deliver lasting economic and social benefits to communities and to improve the health of the land.

In conversation with the Bio-Logical Capital team, Steve often shared his worry about the disconnection between people and nature, “I have been increasingly concerned by the disconnection of people from nature. We have chosen in recent times to design and develop our buildings and our communities separate from the natural world. By contrast, communities that live and work as an integral part of the land offer multiple reinforcing experiences that enhance people’s social and economic prosperity derived from their beneficial relationship to nature.”

We are going to miss Steve dearly.