2017 Year in Review

By Grant McCargo

Another year of Stewardship Development

At its core, Bio-Logical Capital is a land management and investment company that works with investors and landowners to design, build, and manage diverse land-based projects in urban and rural environments. As 2017 comes to an end, our team is reflecting on what a busy year it has been. We expanded our work to include a consulting practice, starting with projects in Hawai'i and California that align with our ethos and land stewardship values. Together with our partners both old and new, we seek to change the way communities think about regenerative agriculture, renewable energy, water stewardship, sustainable real estate, and agritourism. We hope you have a happy holiday season and we look forward to collaborating next year.


Our Year in Review

Our mission to work with and within the natural environment to create vibrant and healthy communities continues to inspire our work rooted in finding real solutions to the problems that face our planet.

In addition to our work in the field, we added new team members to our office in Denver and launched this website earlier this year.

To see our team in action and out in the fields, we've put together a snapshot capturing our work these past 12 months...