Investing in Forest Carbon: Lessons from the First 20 Years

As natural resources become more constrained, our economic system is rewarding investment in cleaner air, improved water quality, restored wetlands, and enhanced wildlife habitat. A combination of government regulation and private entrepreneurial spirit is leading to the creation of new markets that capitalize on and protect nature’s services.

As these new markets continue to emerge, it is important to look back on existing markets, such as forest carbon, to see what has been successful and what we can learn from. Bio-Logical Capital teamed with Forest Trends, The Katoomba Group, and Ecosystem Marketplace to bring you the following report, Investing in Forest Carbon: Lessons from the First 20 Years. It provides excellent context, explanation of the complexities, market options, and emerging best practices. We hope it will continue to advance knowledge, grow markets for ecosystem services and reinforce the benefits to people, economics and the land.