Listen in on our Heritage Radio Interview

How do we live on this planet in a way that's putting more in than we take out? It's all about land use to us. - Grant McCargo

Over 25,000 farmers, foodies and families came together in our backyard here in Denver in July for Slow Food Nations, a massive international food festival. This year, the theme was Where Tradition Meets Innovation. Kate Cox, Editor at The New Food Economy, was a special guest host for Heritage Radio Network live at Slow Food Nations this year. Kate spoke with Grant McCargo, Meriwether Hardie, and Lilly Hancock from our team here at Bio-Logical Capital.

A big focus of our work has been on pilot projects so that we can keep building the business case for regenerative agriculture. And it takes time. It takes time to build soil, it takes time to increase yields, it takes tangible examples to have other people to understand it. But we have so much interest in our work right now I feel very hopeful. -Meriwether Hardie

Listen in to hear our team define regenerative agriculture, what “Bio-Logical Capital” means, and the work that goes into investing in agriculture. They also dig into topics like improving systems to support growers, the food production pipeline, the isolation many farmers feel in their industry and so much more.

A lot of this work comes back to getting out into communities, talking to people, having successful projects and decimating knowledge on a grassroots level... using numbers and facts to really share what we're doing and help to prove that not only is this good for the earth, good for the land, but that this is also economically viable. - Lilly Hancock