Recent News

Renewable Energy 

We ultimately want communities to become net producers of energy—to produce all the power they need. Read more about renewable energy:


Land Use Planning

Buildings should use resources efficiently by managing water without waste, strategically using shading and sunlight to reduce energy needs, and finding multiple uses for every individual piece of land. Read more about our thoughts on land use planning.


Regenerative Agriculture

We believe that for agriculture to be sustainable, it must build soil productivity to produce a variety of nutrient-rich crops that produce strong ecosystems. Learn more about agriculture:

Water Stewardship

Our design practices cycle water back to the aquifer, stream, or watershed where it was harvested - cleaner than when it was borrowed. Read more about water stewardship:


Team News

Our team includes leading experts and practitioners in development, the environment and conservation, community planning, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, finance, and project management. Read more about our team and projects.



Agritourism helps stimulate local economies, advances conservation efforts, and enhance awareness and respect for nature and communities. Learn more about agritourism: