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For all of our projects, the environment is top of mind in our decision-making. From building design to landscape planning to equipment purchases to farming strategies – considering how our actions affect climate change is the new normal. Despite the outlook for the future, we remain optimistic that our actions and the actions of those around us can have positive outcomes. Continue reading below to hear directly from our team on what is galvanizing them and the challenges and opportunities that we face in our work.

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A Sense of Place

Buildings should use resources efficiently by managing water without waste, strategically using shading and sunlight to reduce energy needs, and finding multiple uses for every individual piece of land. We ultimately want communities to become net producers of energy—to produce all the power they need. And our design practices cycle water back to the aquifer, stream, or watershed where it was harvested - cleaner than when it was borrowed. All of these details come into play when we think about land use and the built environment. It’s not just one focus, but many that come into our decisions around creating a sense of place.


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The Future of Food

We believe that for agriculture to be sustainable, it must build soil productivity to produce a variety of nutrient-rich crops that produce strong ecosystems. Read more about how we think about growing systems and the business of regenerative agriculture below.

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Connect with People, Connect with Communities

At the heart of what we do is built connections - with individuals, communities and places. Our work brings us all over the country to meet with like-minded people who are interested in creating places that work to have greater environmental impact and combat climate change through land-based businesses.


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