Current Openings


community development manager

Bio-Logical Capital is looking for a Community Development Manager to join our team. We are currently acquiring large tracts of land – or partnering with large landowners – throughout North America. The Community Development Manager will prepare targeted research on sites, compile internal briefing packages on prospective deals, develop business plans and subsequent financial models, conduct deal due diligence, and support equity fundraising and investor relations. The Manager will coordinate closely with and be supported by the team and will report directly to the Chief of Staff.  Bio-Logical Capital also has a number of existing land acquisitions and the Community Development Manager will – following a transition period – lead the planning and design refinements and see the entitlement process through to completion. 


Ecological Designer

Bio-Logical Capital is looking for an Ecological Designer who has great enthusiasm for shifting our culture’s perspectives and values on land use and food systems – whether those green spaces are part of an urban or a rural landscape. We believe that for agriculture to be sustainable it must be designed to build soil productivity and to produce a variety of nutrient-rich crops that produce strong revenues and sustain communities and we require that all of our projects reflect those beliefs. It is essential that the selected candidate for this position has an in-depth understanding of landscape design and construction and is knowledgeable of land management practices that sequester carbon, enliven landscapes, improve nutrition, and maximize the biological properties of soil.