Current Openings


Job Opening: Larimer Square Urban Farm Manager

We are searching for an Urban Farm Manager who has a strong work ethic, is a proactive communicator, and is enthusiastic about the larger and longer-term goals of the project – particularly in experimenting with a successful rooftop urban farm for Denver. It is essential that this position is flexible, adaptable, and a problem-solver. We seek applicants who have a knowledge and experience with the Front Range growing climate, soil, greenhouse production, and Colorado appropriate plant species. Because the rooftop will be both a public and private space, this position must feel comfortable interacting and engaging with community members while simultaneously maintaining the productivity of the space. We seek an Urban Farm Manager who is excited to work closely with the Bio-Logical Capital team and community, and who is able to both teach us and learn with us. The Urban Farm Manager will coordinate closely with and be supported by our entire team and will report directly to the Ecological Designer.