We create mixed-use plans on large landscapes that integrate renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, water stewardship, and healthy human communities with ecological restoration and conservation. This model increases the value and health of land, the vibrancy and resiliency of communities, and the consistency of earnings and returns. We call this model Stewardship Development. Learn more below about our methodology and specific focus areas for building sustainable land-based businesses.


REGENeRATIVE Agriculture

Our approach to agriculture relies heavily on integrated rotational management of animals and crops using principals from agroecology and other "beyond organic" practices. Our farm management goals are long-term diversity, health, and productivity. This approach results in a transformative impact on how people grow food and understand their relationship with the land.


Renewable Energy

One of our primary design goals is to use conservation and efficient systems to decrease our dependence on energy. We harness natural resources - wind, sun, plants, wastes, geothermal gradients - for clean energy. Whether producing electricity on a roof or through a wind turbine, local energy sources reduce our need for fossil fuels and create greater stability and economic returns.


Water STewardship

We see the natural water resources on our land as a complete system. We build water systems using the most efficient technologies and design strategies available. We then clean polluted water with natural systems-based constructed wetlands and other advanced biological treatments. Our practices return water to the aquifer, stream, or watershed cleaner than when it was sourced.


Real Estate

Our real estate framework is based on empowering people to reconnect with their neighborhood and with nature. We do this by preserving and renovating historic buildings, designing green urban spaces, and walkable communities where people live, work, create, relax and travel. A robust mixture of building types and housing options enables people of all income levels to live close to school, work, and the grocery store.



We create authentic opportunities that enable people to learn through experiences. Time and again, agritourism has provided powerful and transformative experiences—people who travel to view wildlife, volunteer for conservation, visit farms, or learn about the unique history and culture of a place are frequently impacted with lasting memories, a new outlook on the world and a stronger understanding of the natural environment.


Learn more from Grant Mccargo, our Founder and Ceo: