Stewardship Development

Investments that heal land, build community, and generate revenue in sustainable and impactful ways.

In Memoriam: Dr. Stephen R. Kellert, Board Director

team-stephenkellert-lgSteve served as the Director of the Board of Bio-Logical Capital and worked closely with the executive team to implement the company’s vision of creating the right design, uses, and conservation strategies to deliver lasting economic and social benefits to communities and to improve the health of the land.

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We’re Expanding Our Consulting Services

0K2A2920---Version-2We believe that by expanding our advisory services, we can increase our positive impact on how food, energy, and habitat systems are designed, implemented, and managed. Our advisory services build off of our unique operational experience in regional, urban, and landscape planning, regenerative agriculture; and business and real estate development.

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Grant McCargo builds community through Stewardship Development

Bio-Logical Capital’s founder and CEO, Grant McCargo, talks about how ecology and commerce can work together synergistically to build more prosperous, lasting communities.