Stewardship Development

Investments that heal land, build community, and generate revenue in sustainable and impactful ways.

Chad Adams on Cattle as Land Healers

Mob-GrazingAt Bio-Logical Capital, we believe in taking the time to fully understand the natural systems in which we work. As we are in awe of the elegance, resiliency and complexity of nature.

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Hāna Ranch – more than cows!

Bio-Logical Capital was honored and excited to assume stewardship of Hāna Ranch on January 15, 2014.  This beautiful and historic ranch sits in the small community of Hāna on the easternmost tip of Maui.  Our team and work were featured in the local newspaper–Hanaside News.  We invite you to read the full article here (PDF)

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Grant McCargo builds community through Stewardship Development

Bio-Logical Capital’s founder and CEO, Grant McCargo, talks about how ecology and commerce can work together synergistically to build more prosperous, lasting communities.